Enjoy Vibrant, Lush Lawns with Expert Sod & Real Grass Installation

Lush Landscapes: Enjoy vibrant lawns with expert sod installation.

Sod or Real Grass

Enjoy a vibrant and healthy lawn with Citiscapes' Expert Sod & Real Grass installations. Our high-quality sod and grass options create a lush and inviting lawn, enhancing the beauty and value of your property for years to come.

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Sod or Real Grass

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Residential & Commercial

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Phoenix Metropolitan Area

Recommended Maintenance:

Regularly mow, aerate, and fertilize lawns to promote healthy growth and maintain a lush, vibrant appearance throughout the year.


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Service Benefits:

Sod & Real Grass: "Enjoy a lush and inviting lawn with our expert sod and real grass installations, providing beauty, comfort, and value to your outdoor space."

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Project Single Image

Transform Your Landscape with Lush Sod and Real Grass from Citiscapes, Your Backyard Specialists

Elevate your outdoor spaces with the vibrant beauty of sod and real grass from Citiscapes, your backyard specialists. There’s nothing quite like the feel of lush, green grass underfoot, and our premium sod installation services are designed to instantly transform your landscape into a thriving, green oasis. Whether you’re looking to revitalize a tired lawn or install a new one from scratch, our team of landscaping experts ensures a seamless, healthy lawn that enhances your property's overall aesthetics and value.

Key Features of Our Sod and Real Grass Services:

High-Quality Sod Selection: We partner with the best sod farms to offer you a selection of high-quality grass types, suited to the unique climate and soil conditions of your area. From durable Bermuda grass for sunny areas to shade-tolerant fescue blends, we help you choose the perfect sod that will thrive in your landscape.

Expert Ground Preparation: Successful sod installation begins with proper ground preparation. Our team meticulously prepares your site by removing weeds, leveling the ground, and enriching the soil with quality topsoil and amendments. This ensures a healthy foundation for your sod, promoting rapid rooting and optimal growth.

Professional Installation: Precision is key to laying sod, and our skilled technicians are experts at installing sod with care and efficiency. We ensure tight seams between sod strips, proper alignment, and secure anchoring to the soil, minimizing the risk of gaps, uneven growth, and future maintenance issues.

Immediate Transformation: One of the most significant advantages of choosing sod is the instant transformation it offers. Within hours, bare ground turns into a lush, green lawn, providing immediate curb appeal and usable outdoor space. Our sod and real grass solutions are perfect for homeowners and businesses looking for quick, dramatic improvements to their landscapes.

Water Management and Care Guidance: Post-installation care is critical for sod success. We provide comprehensive watering schedules, mowing guidelines, and care tips to ensure your new lawn establishes quickly and remains healthy. Our irrigation solutions further support your sod by delivering precise, efficient watering that conserves water and promotes deep root growth.

Sustainable and Eco-friendly Options: We're committed to sustainability, offering organic fertilizing and pest control options that keep your lawn green and healthy without harming the environment. Our eco-friendly practices support a vibrant ecosystem in your backyard, inviting beneficial wildlife and reducing your carbon footprint.

Long-Term Beauty and Durability: With proper care, your sod and real grass lawn will remain a beautiful, durable feature of your landscape for years to come. Our team is available for ongoing maintenance, advice, and support, ensuring your lawn stays in peak condition through every season.

Invest in the lasting beauty and functionality of your outdoor spaces with Citiscapes’ Sod and Real Grass services. Our expert approach combines quality materials, meticulous installation, and comprehensive care guidance, ensuring your new lawn is a source of pride and enjoyment. Contact Citiscapes today to begin the transformation of your landscape into a lush, inviting green space.

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