Secure Your Property with Advanced Drainage Solutions

Drainage Solutions: Guard against water damage with dependable, effective systems.


Protect your property with Citiscapes' French Drain Systems. Designed to effectively manage water and prevent erosion, our French drains offer a reliable solution for maintaining the health and beauty of your landscape, ensuring long-term stability and drainage efficiency.

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Residential & Commercial

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Phoenix Metropolitan Area

Recommended Maintenance:

Inspect and clear your French drain system annually to guarantee effective water management and prevent landscape erosion.


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Drainage Solutions: Protect your landscape with our effective drainage systems, ensuring proper water management, preventing water damage, and preserving the structural integrity of your property.

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Enhance the Functionality and Health of Your Landscape with Citiscapes, Your Backyard Specialists

Enhance the functionality and health of your landscape with Citiscapes' expertly installed drainage systems. As your backyard specialists, our solutions are designed to efficiently manage and redirect water away from your property, protecting your landscape's integrity and preventing water-related issues that can lead to expensive repairs. With Citiscapes, ensure that your outdoor areas stay dry, healthy, and visually appealing, even during heavy rainfall.

Discover the key features of our Drainage Systems:

Customized Drainage Plans: We evaluate your property's unique needs to create a drainage plan that optimizes water management tailored to your landscape’s specific challenges.

High-Quality Materials: Our systems utilize premium, durable materials such as robust piping and carefully selected aggregates, ensuring enduring effectiveness and low maintenance.

Professional Installation: Our skilled team performs meticulous installations, from accurate excavations to proper sloping, to ensure effective water diversion from your property.

Preventive Water Management: Our systems effectively handle surface and sub-surface water, preventing soil erosion, safeguarding your building’s foundation, and maintaining the lushness of your garden.

Landscape Preservation: We implement minimally invasive installation processes that maintain the aesthetic and structural integrity of your existing landscape while providing critical drainage solutions.

Sustainable Practices: We employ sustainable drainage techniques that increase your property’s resilience to weather conditions and decrease environmental impact.

Continued Support and Maintenance: Citiscapes offers ongoing support and maintenance services to keep your drainage system in peak condition over the years, offering you peace of mind and protection against water damage.

Choose Citiscapes, your backyard specialists, for drainage solutions that not only manage water efficiently but also significantly enhance your property's value and functionality. Our dedication to quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction ensures your landscape drainage needs are met with excellence.

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At Citiscapes, customer satisfaction is the heart of our operations. From offering guidance, furnishing in-depth details, to responding to particular questions, our team stands ready to help. Your confidence in our services is deeply appreciated, and our professionals are dedicated to providing swift, thorough assistance for every landscaping need, ensuring you are fully content with our efforts.

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